How to Perform an SEO Audit On Your Website

One thing we consistently see people neglect where search engine optimization is concerned is auditing. It’s also one of the most critical stages in the process, though. A thorough understanding not only of what you’re doing right but where you’re going wrong is absolutely essential if you’re to succeed in creating a well-optimized, well-performing website.

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3 Things You Should Understand About Local SEO

A recent infographic published by web design specialist Go Gulf revealed some very telling statistics concerning local search engine optimization. Per the agency’s collected research, 86 percent of consumers rely on the Internet to find local businesses, with 29 percent of them searching at least once a week. Seventy-eight percent of these searches – which comprise 46 percent of all search traffic on Google result in an in-store purchase.

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Dealing With Negative Search Results About Your Brand

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Per an article in Wired Magazine, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently been engaging in a bit of downright bizarre public behavior. This includes referring to himself as the model of restraint in light of allegations he’s using violent language regarding Brexit, brandishing a herring (also known as a kipper) when discussing the nation’s fishing industry, and saying he likes to paint old wine boxes into buses.

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The Inextricable Link Between UX and SEO

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” 

That’s one of the first lines in Google’s guiding philosophy, titled Ten things we know to be true.  The company has, since its inception, focused on providing its audience with the best user experience possible – a fact which is reflected in all its products, from Android to Google Home to the Google search engine. It’s also what Google demands of other website owners.

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