Important Notification for cPanel servers - CVE-2017-16943 and CVE-2017-16944 Exim According to Exim development: "A remote code execution vulnerability has been reported in Exim, with immediate public disclosure (we were given no private notice)." The vulnerability exists in the ESMTP CHUNKING extension, and an additional DoS ... Lees verder »

29th Nov 2017
CVE-2016-5195: Dirty COW - Privilege escalation kernel vulnerability

Hello,A very serious security problem has been found in the Linux kernel. A 0-day local privilege escalation vulnerability has existed for eleven years since 2005. This bug affects all sort of of Android devices or Linux kernel to escalate privileges. Any user can become root in less than five seconds. The bug has existed since Linux kernel ... Lees verder »

23rd Oct 2016
IP Manager Plug-in Version update


IP Manager Plug-in needs to be updated if cPanel/WHM updated to due to some perl modules.

6th May 2016
Router Power Maintenance : : Michigan Facility

Subject: Router Power Maintenance Date: May 8, 2016 Time: 1AM - 3AM EST Location: TMR-01 Devices Affected: Ahosting/ Managed Cisco 6500 Router Services Affected: AC Redundant power to Router Clients Affected: Ahosting, INC. Description: AC Redundant rack power will be down while it is migrated to a new circuit. **No downtime is expected ... Lees verder »

1st May 2016