Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get SSL on my hosting package?
  2. Do you offer 24-7-365 Technical Support?
  3. Can I install Wordpress directly from the cpanel?
  4. How to upgrade seo hosting plan?
  5. How to request affiliate payment?
  6. What is the affilliate commision rate?
  7. Is there minimum amout for affiliate withdrawal?
  8. When my affiliate commision will be cleared?
  9. What are the affiliate payout methods?
  10. Is affiliate commision one time or recurring?
  11. Why first order invoice value different then plan rate?
  12. How to setup payment subscription?
  13. Which payment methods availabe to make payment?
  14. Do you backup my files?
  15. How can I cancel my plan?
  16. How to downgrade a seo hosting plan?
  17. Do you migrate my accounts from my current host?
  18. Is it possible to install bulk Wordpress accounts?
  19. Do you apply late payment fee?
  20. Is it possible to reactivate my account?
  21. How to change domain IP?
  22. Is there a downtime when upgrading my current plan?
  23. What is private nameserver?
  24. Do you offer shared IP?
  25. Can I share my IPs with multiple domains?
  26. Upgrading from shared hosting plan to VPS or a Dedicated server?
  27. How to handle duplicate payments?
  28. Do my domains get de-indexed by Google using Seohost.Net IPs?
  29. Can I register domain at
  30. Just ordered, when can I access to my account?
  31. When will I get support ticket response?
  32. Do I get invoice notifications?
  33. How long does it take to unsuspend my account after payment?
  34. How often do you monitor servers?
  35. What is Class A, B, or C IP means?
  36. Do you offer different Geo Locations IPs?
  37. Seo server locations?
  38. Will I get overlap Class C IPs at upgrade request?
  39. Can I merge multiple billing account?
  40. Do you support Domain Privacy - ID protection for Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact?

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